We have teamed up with award-winning forensic technology company SmartWater to roll-out a new deterrent linking criminals back to the scene of ATM crimes. ATM crimes unfortunately happen at our food stores and greatly effect the community in which the crime has taken place. This new technology could cut the number of ATM crimes and […]


Rachel Machin finds out how Paul Gerrard, Group Policy Director, is working closely with the Member Council to bring the “ethical heart” back to our business. Five minutes into my conversation with Paul Gerrard and we’ve already hot-footed around subjects as diverse as nuns, medieval history, the Civil Service, and the fact he’s a “complete softie,” […]


We’ve officially launched our Co-op Irresistible products in-store. Irresistible takes over from ‘Truly Irresistible’ and adopts our new look and feel on our premium range of products. We know offering our customers excellent quality makes them feel good about our food and helps us on our way to being the number one convenience retailer. 124 […]


In November 2015, we launched the #GrowingStories campaign with the aim of connecting Co-op members and customers with our Fairtrade producers across the world. Every time that producers, members and customers engaged with each other online using the #GrowingStories hashtag we added £1 into our Producer Fund, which aimed to raise £25,000 to support a […]


In our independent report on millennials’ cooking skills gap we look at the state of our nation’s young people in the kitchen to assess how Co-op could play a role in helping young people get cooking once again. Read the full report here Can’t stand the heat? 16-24 year olds are more likely than any other group […]


Scott Macadam, Transformation Manager, talks about how we’re developing colleagues for the future. “The launch of our new membership was such an important milestone for the Co-op. A real marker in our journey to Rebuild the business. It’s the culmination of 18 months hard work from colleagues across the business. The change we’ve gone through […]

New cards flying in the air

We’ve just passed a landmark in our new Co-op Membership. Through the 5% reward when you choose to buy Co-op, we’ve now given back our first £1million. It’s just 13 days since we launched our new Co-op Membership and the early signs are that our members are loving it. Our colleagues’ enthusiasm, especially on launch day, […]